It is just poetic justice (mo_love_99) wrote,
It is just poetic justice

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  • Thu, 18:36: RT @AmyMek: Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg was caught on Mic promising Merkel his employees would silence the TRUTH about Muslim leeches, rapis…
  • Thu, 18:39: RT @WalshFreedom: Good Trump: Signing legislation right now getting rid of oppressive Obama regulations on coal. Getting government off ou…
  • Thu, 18:39: RT @WalshFreedom: What we just watched: 1. The media needs to understand why so many Americans can't stand em. 2. Trump needs to learn how…
  • Thu, 18:39: RT @WalshFreedom: 80yr old Navy Vet just called into the show: "I've been waiting 40yrs for a President to do what Trump did to the media t…
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